Quelques idées pour ta saison de paddle board

Some ideas for your paddle board season

By Mélodie Denis

paddle board is an activity that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Whether you are a novice or experienced, here are some little tips and advice. For my part, I fell in love with this activity about two years ago. I even bought my own board on a whim after just one try! It’s a gamble that I haven’t regretted to this day.

For me, paddleboarding is an exceptional summer activity: you don't need any sporting skills to enjoy it and you risk practically nothing by doing so. out of a jump into the water!

Before purchasing your board, take the time to inform yourself to make a choice that will meet your needs. There are among others two types of board: rigid or inflatable. The rigid board has the advantage of being more stable and more durable. However, it takes up a lot more storage and organization space during transport. For its part, the inflatable board has the advantage of taking up little space when not in use and offers more affordable models. However, it requires more time once you arrive at the water point, because it must be blown. In this regard, your board must be well inflated to be stable on the water. You should aim for between 12 and 15 PSI, even if your arms are on fire! Little tip: there are electric pumps if you want to avoid this effort, at a cost of around $100-150.

For those who wantnt to experiment, before purchasing a board, there are several rental sites, ranging from one hour to the day ($18-50). Among others, national and provincial parks now offer this service in the majority of their parks. Also, the nautical centers of several municipalities located near a body of water offer it also. It is important to know that just because a site allows the rental of a paddle board to navigate a plane water, does not mean that it is possible to bring your own equipment. Indeed, certain places with fragile biodiversity require such measures to avoid contamination.

If the idea of ​​going into the water alone and inexperienced scares youe, know that several companies offer introductory courses: you can You will learn basic movements, equipment handling techniques and will definitely come away more comfortable.

Before venturing out on the water, a few elements must be validated to ensure that your outing will be a success:

- What is the temperature of the water? Don't be fooled by the good weather, the water can be much colder than it seems. Consider putting on a wetsuit like wetsuitor postponing your outing!
- What about the wind? A strong wind will complicate your progress, greatly reduce your stability and put you at risk of capsizing. Applications such as Windfinder are often used by fans of this sport.
- Which way is the current going? It’s important to remember that it’s much harder to go against the grain. So it's often better to start in this direction, while you have more energy!

Bring your small mountain man with you on the water:

I'm talking here about taking children with you, but be aware that many bring their dogs with them on the water! J

First, confirm that your board allows you to have a passenger with you: what is the maximum weight allowed? Don’t forget to calculate a margin for your equipment too!

Afterwards, it's all a question of comfort: there is no mandatory board size to think you can take your child. However, it should be noted that the wider the board, the more stable it will remain during the activity.

Depending on their age and balance, some children have difficulty remaining seated: they may fall onto the board when faced with the movement caused by a paddle stroke. It is possible to buy a “chair” to hang after the board. This will be a backrest allowing the child to lean on. WARNING: it is very important not to tie your children to the chair or the board. In the event of capsizing, it will be dangerous for them.

In terms of equipment, your child will need the same elements as an adult. Refer to the list belowbelow.

Another important element to consider before taking your child with you is their comfort level on the water. In addition to ensuring swimming skills, many parents decide to introduce their child to swimming. Here are some tips:

- ''Play'' paddle board in the living room: set up your board (if possible without the fins) and practice with your child
- Make your first attempts in shallower areas, close to the edge of the shore
- Play a game to “accustom” your child to capsizing: ask him to jump into the water and get back on board.

Also, to make the outing more pleasant:

- Possibility of purchasing a small paddle for children
- Put pool noodles on -or in- the paddles (so if your child -or you- drop the paddle it will float on the surface of the water)

- Bring a special snack!

Whether you decide to venture out alone or with your family, here is a useful checklist for your boarding trips:

In your bag waterproof:

-sun cream

-lip balm with sun protection




-Long-sleeved sweater (to protect you from the sun, cold or wind)

-paddle board emergency kit (usually contains rope, rubber patch, glue, etc.)

To wear:


- Flotation vest (adjust to your height and weight!)

-Water whistle

-Comfortable clothing, preferably one that dries quickly

-Water shoe or flip flop*

* Wearing water shoes on the board is a matter of personal comfort. However, if you prefer to be barefoot, bring a pair of flip-flops to get from the car to the launching point. This will then slip easily into your waterproof bag during your outing.

In the car:

-A dishcloth (to clean your board after your outing)

-A change of linen and/or your bodysuit towel little mountaineer

Where go paddle boarding?

Several Facebook groups exist on the subject and can help you find ideas for places near you. Also, free applications such as Gopaddlingand Paddle logger will be useful to you. Otherwise, here are some of the places on my list:

-Chambly Basin

-Mont-Tremblant National Park, sector de la Diable

-Grands-Jardins national park, Arthabaska sector

-Lake Memphremagog

-Boucherville Islands National Park (go there early, there are a lot of boats ''parking '' at the end of the day!)

-Rivière des Milles-Iles

Are you a fan of paddle board? Come share your experience in the comments J

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