By Gabrielle Gagné


It's time to put the pride aside and try one of the popular sports this winter: fatbiking. After all, it's not just cross-country skis and skates that go wild in stores - it's also the case with these bikes with oversized tires. La Vallée Bras-du-Nord, located about an hour from downtown Quebec City, will cater to practitioners of different levels, both beginners and advanced. 

Two options are available: rent the equipment for the day at a cost of $ 65.41 or for a 3 hour block for $ 40.88. The price includes the bike, helmet and access to the valley. For us, as it was the first time we had done it, the 3 hour block was more than enough. After 2h30, the lactic acid was so present in our legs that we decided to turn the bikes over and enjoy the valley for a bit before heading home. On the other hand, take note that my boyfriend and I are far from being cyclists, even in the summer season, only cycling occasionally. The fatbike really took us out of our comfort zone, we were burnt by the ride, but it was far from lack of fun that we stopped before the end of the rental. 

Speaking of fun, we did the Delanay course, which totals 8.4 km and leads to the popular Delanay Falls. In winter, frost is breathtaking. It is also a great stop to eat or have a snack. The alley was on a slant, the return going much quicker. Maybe it's also because we were starting to better understand how fatbikes worked. There are a few things to remember. You need to put weight back on the hill to create good grip on the snow. In addition, slippage is frequent at the beginning, especially during sudden movements of the handlebars. Fortunately, falling in the snow is an integral part of the fun on the outing! Also, the multilayer is to be preferred: believe me, you will quickly get hot.

Trying fatbiking in the Vallée Bras-du-Nord means learning about an enchanting setting and having great service that quickly builds confidence. After explanations of the trails and personalized adjustments to the rental bikes, all that was left was to enjoy the joys of being outdoors in winter. A good breath of fresh air, a lesson in pride, but most of all, a great day!

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