By Laura Wilmot.

Being very passionate about reading, I wanted to introduce you to something different that unites two of my passions: books and going on an adventure. I know that the love of reading is not given to everyone, but I am still convinced that a book has the power to motivate, to give a little boost that was lacking in order to set new goals, or simply to make us dream of great adventures.

Today I present to you a list of books - some are classics, others are more recent - which, for my part, make me want to put on my running shoes and go out and play in nature. 

The unbeatable (so far) who has to be first on my list:

  • Born to run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never See - Christopher McDougall


    We follow in this book the Tarahumara runners, a tribe of super-athletes. Through this story, we discover a completely fascinating people of Mexico for whom running is a way of life. This book was recommended to me a few years ago and I started it without any expectations. Today I have suggested it over and over again, a classic that I think is definitely worth reading and that will certainly make you want to push your limits. 

  • Run or Die - Kilian Jornet

  • Always on the lookout for the next record or achievement that Kilian Jornet will seek, I really enjoyed learning more about its history. For those who don't know him, Kilian is a trail running champion and his book really explores his running philosophy which I find very interesting and his life story really makes you want to go and play in the mountains. 

  • Rose's Race - Dawn Dumont

  • The reserve where Rose Okanase lives with her two daughters organizes an annual marathon. She doesn't run, smokes like a chimney and you guessed she really isn't in top form. Yet she signed up for the race and although she regretted it on several occasions, she will complete her project. One of my first reads in 2021, I loved the persistence of the main character and the message behind the story that convinces us that anyone can challenge themselves and achieve them with motivation.

  • Call of the Wild - Jack London 

  • The story takes place during the Gold Rush era and chronicles the life of Buck, a domestic dog from California who becomes a sled dog. This book for me is a raw reconnection with the wild instinct, the call of the wild and our primitive origins. This is a book that I have personally become very fond of (most likely due to the dog we follow throughout history) and one that really makes me want to visit the Yukon. 

  • Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail - Cheryl Strayed  (I think this one doesn't need an introduction anymore) 

  • This book is perfect in my opinion for anyone in search of themselves, Cheryl Strayed is a source of inspiration and persistence. Another book that makes you want to put on your hiking boots and conquer nature, in this case the Pacific Crest Trail, where there is no shortage of kilometers to cover. 

  • Into the Wild: Journey to the End of Solitude - Jon Krakauer

  • We follow a 22-year-old young man in search of nature who barely graduates in his pocket wanders in Alaska on foot. He ended up settling in an old converted bus, feeding mainly on roots. The kind of book that gives us the little go we needed to go on an adventure, even if we wait for “the right timing, the right partner, the right resources” the right time is now, d 'follow our instincts and go beyond our limits.

    On my list that I haven't read yet:  

  • North: Finding my way while running the Appalachian trail - Scott Jurek 

  • This book was recommended to me by my boyfriend who is currently training for a marathon and doesn't put on his running shoes without an audiobook. In his 40s, living legend and ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek sets out to tackle the Appalachian Trail speed record from south to north. A journey of just 2,189 miles (3,523 km) to be completed in less than 50 days. Will he get there? ;)

  • Unknown territories - Patrice Godin 

  • And you, which book makes you want to go out, whether to move or to go far? 

    And then, if I made you want to read one of his books to dream of your next adventure, I invite you to encourage a local bookstore or to check out the site Booksellers. 

    Good reading :) 

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