By Alexandra Turcotte.

More than ever, we realize that the movement has a real impact on our lives. We realize that no matter what form it takes, movement is essential to our physical and mental health. Movement energizes our body and channels our emotions. It plays a primordial role in our development and in our level of well-being.

Words like training, moving, physical activity are strangely too much
restrictive in my opinion. To some people these words may even seem out of reach or too complicated. To that, we add social media to better compare ourselves. So it is clear that it can be unattainable. This is why I use the word movement. It is softer, smoother and more inviting. Getting in motion is much easier than practicing, don't you think?

Now that that is said, how do we find and stick to a routine that helps us feel good? A routine that allows us to be on the move frequently. I don't pretend to say that making movement part of our life is easy, but with the following tips, I want to help you find your own path. An approach that celebrates movement by accepting it in the form that suits you, in full awareness and far from performance.

How to find a routine :

Tip # 1 - Try different approaches to find the one that will be easiest to integrate into your routine. However, for some people, this is the key to success - varying your routines.
The pandemic has always been good, studios, gyms, private trainers have turned to the web to offer their services and often by adapting to the reality of their client. In addition, they often offer classes to try. Also, nature has once again become a playground for many and walking is still a good starting point. Just try and stick to your limits. The steps to get started have never been so accessible, you have no more excuses!
If you're lacking inspiration, let me know.

Tip # 2 - No need to look very far either. You can opt for a routine like this: after each episode of District 31, I go up the stairs twice. Another proposal: coming back from walking with the baby, I take the stroller to the second floor myself.

How to stick to a routine :

Tip # 1 - Before implementing a routine that will last over time, forget about
performance (if you haven't already understood this point). Forget about the idea that getting in motion has to change the appearance of the body. Forget the number on the scale especially if you have a bad habit of weighing yourself daily. Above all, forget the idea of reaching a goal. Focus on who you become after each session. About how you feel after being on the move. The feeling of lightness, strength and freedom.

Tip # 2 - If you want your routine to become automatic, you need to do it regularly. Even when you don't feel like it. This is exactly where you distinguish those who really want it from those who lack the will. Speaking of willpower, I once read that it takes 20 seconds of courage to change the course of a decision.
I encourage you to use this technique. When I'm not motivated, I challenge myself. For 20 seconds I remember the benefits of settling down on my yoga mat or buckling my sneakers and each time, once the seconds have elapsed, I find myself starting to move. The 20 seconds serves as a big kick in the butt in the end.

Tip # 3 - Let's say you're someone who is rarely on the move, don't put pressure on yourself. The first time, even if you are only doing 5 minutes of activity, congratulate yourself! This is already 5 more than yesterday. Every victory counts!

Tip # 4 - Find a system that works for you and not a goal to achieve. Example, most people will say, "I am going to do yoga for 30 minutes three times a week." In the end, they never reach their goal. Instead, I suggest this phrase: "I will do some sun salutations as soon as I put the baby to bed for a nap." Much less authoritarian as an approach.

Tip # 5 - Change your thinking. Stop saying 'we have to'. The word must will end up killing what little motivation you have. Example, I have to do yoga vs. now is the time to refocus. These two sentences definitely don't have the same effect.

Tip # 6 - You can reward yourself. My favorite reward on Friday… I refocus on my yoga mat with a small cup of vino on the side.

In closing, two points for you:

1- Thanks to a friend, I recently read the book Atomic Habits. I strongly recommend it if you want to deepen your need to create healthy habits.
2- Just to tell you that I am a new mom. My big 3 ½ baby arrived by Caesarean section, so I was neutral for a while and it was
probably the biggest ordeal for me. If you pass by there let me
sign !

Now is the time to get moving!

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