Text by Mélodie Denis.

Labor Day is over, the sun is setting earlier, the kids are back at school: you have to get used to it, summer is coming to an end. The cold sets in. However, nothing obliges you to end your camping season! Indeed, there is nothing more pleasant than seeing the leaves change color, enjoying a campfire on a cold evening (without mosquitoes!) or seeing a little frost on the ground when you wake up!

You may have certain fears if you have never gone fall camping. Don't worry too much. Generally speaking, your activity will not require much adjustment. Just like in your daily life, you will need to wear warmer clothing. The element that some find particularly difficult is getting a good night's sleep despite the temperature!

A few little tips for spending the night warm:

  • Don’t underestimate the impact of a cold floor. If you can, put a canvas under your tent and bring a good mattress. These layers will allow you to cut off the humidity and freshness of the ground.

- If you are camping as a couple or traveling by car, I recommend a double mattress. The surface area of ​​the tent will be maximized by the mattress, thus less cold will pass through the ground.

- For backcountry, hiking/camping, a simple and light mattress is recommended. For example the NeoAir Uberlite sleeping pad.

  • Make sure you have a sufficiently warm sleeping bag. If this is not the case, you can always buy a liner (liner) to add a few degrees. Are you pretty tight financially? No need to abandon the project though! Bring along a multitude of wool blankets and shelter yourself in them.

- For the sleeping bag, it is essential to have the right size. The body creates heat when it lies down and if the sleeping bag is too big, this heat will be lost in that extra space.

- It is possible to rent equipment from Mec, if you just want to experience fall/winter camping before equipping yourself for good! Cheaper, great experience :)

  • Change before going to bed. The clothes you wear in the evening may be damp. Wear merino-type clothing or breathable onesies as pajamas. Also, as the heat from your body escapes through the extremities, wear wool socks and a toque. If you can't help but sleep with your arms outside your sleeping bag, also consider wearing mittens.

- Petit Montagnard clothing, as well as other brands, are ideal for equipping yourself during Winter Camping. You need to take the time to make a list before leaving.

  • Little heat tip for the night: bring yourself a rubber hot water bottle (yes, use it often for neck pain), boil some water, fill the hot water bottle and place it at the bottom of your sleeping bag. It will release heat for a long time without creating humidity!

  • Lantern candles are a good idea: although they may disturb you with their brightness, they help cut the humidity and thus warm up your tent a little.

  • Don't forget to go to the toilet before sleeping and if you feel like it during the night, you have to go even if it's cold. Because the body will spend energy on the bladder instead of working on the stable temperature of your body.

  • If you have a winter tent, you can use it. They are made to keep heat in and minimize humidity, while providing you with a comfortable space. They are made for lower temperatures and bad storms. So why not use them as soon as the cold of autumn is upon us.

Once you follow all these tips, you'll sleep like a log. All that's left to do is make your favorite hot drink when you get up before starting the day. Put on your best polar fleece and make the most of autumn!

Do you have any other tips for coping with fall while camping? Don’t hesitate to write them to us in comments ☺

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Salut !
Super article ! J’ai beaucoup aimé. Plein de conseils et des solutions pour tous les budgets.
Merci :)

Éloïse Denis

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