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Didn't you have the chance to ride the Gaspé wave last summer? I'll give you all the reasons to quickly book your 2021 vacation. Because let's face it, after the most recent news regarding travel outside Quebec, we are not yet sure whether we will be able to travel internationally this summer. I don't want to be pessimistic, but nothing turns me on more than planning a trip! 

Last summer I was originally supposed to visit Ireland and Hungary… change of plans: pandemic and dog later, my boyfriend and I kept the original idea of a road trip and camping vacation, but local version! 

Presumably, we are not the only ones to have had this idea! 

After two weeks in the Gaspé, I definitely understand the attraction for this region further away from our beautiful Quebec! Whether you are vacationing in the mountains, camping, gourmet pleasures, culture; the Gaspé region definitely has something for everyone. 

So today I share with you my favorites in all categories.

Bench corner beach (relatively unknown beach, just before Percé, a must for your trip in my opinion to enjoy the Golf du Saint-Laurent while feeling on a beach far away). 

The Seafood Box (Percé), who says Gaspésie obviously means seafood. Traveling with a dog, our furry companion somewhat restricts the great epicurean in me when it comes time to discover the gastronomic pleasures, on the other hand, I was not disappointed to discover this fish shop which offers the most gourmet seafood platters! We were therefore able to enjoy all the treasures of the sea, on a terrace with a beer from Pit Caribou and our dog.   

Gaspésie National Park, hiking and the outdoors have greatly increased in popularity last year (much to my delight) and in my opinion this Sépaq park is definitely worth the drive. On the one hand for its many peaks among the highest in Quebec (Mont Albert, Mont Jacques-Cartier, Mont Ernest-Laforce, Mont Xalibu, Mont Richardson and so on) and on the other hand, its waterways allowing fishing, kayaking, canoeing, etc. And this, not to mention all the wildlife present in the park. I am already planning my next visit.

The Festive Sea Shack InnPersonally, this was my second visit to this funky hostel. The Sea shack is re-invent family friendly version since the sanitary measures distorted the festive side and I greatly appreciated the camping on the beach, getting up with the sunrise and being able to go on a paddle board directly in front of my tent on the river.

(big ++ for the canteen and its cod acras, I literally still think about it)

Bonaventure River, we did the popular descent of the Bonaventure river in a canoe and it was really a great day (I must say that we were very blessed with regard to the weather) 

Le Naufrageur microbrewery, after a day in the great outdoors, nothing better than a good local beer.

Mont Saint-Joseph geodomes, a great fan of unusual accommodation that I am, my curiosity was definitely piqued by the brand new perched domes, very cozy glamping with a view of Carleton-sur-Mer guaranteed! 

For those who prefer tranquility to crowded beaches, I personally spent the last two weeks of August there and never felt overwhelmed by tourists! We returned to Quebec via the Matapedia Valley, and although we did not stop there, it was a real crush, this little piece of paradise really looks like British Columbia in my opinion. In short, I hope that I will have convinced you that the Gaspé has everything to disorient you and get you off the hook.

I am sure that this magnificent region is full of many other treasures, I share my little list with you, but of course, the company with which we live these moments plays a big part in it, so I am curious to know your favorites. heart to you, or if you have not yet done so if you plan to visit this corner of Quebec soon? 

Gaspésie, we will certainly see each other again! 

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