By Laura Wilmot.

In the last year, I took the opportunity to explore Quebec. Especially since I have my dog, I love going on adventures on weekends to discover new places (when travel between areas is permitted) and to get out of my comfort zone. So today I wanted to share with you my favorites in all categories of slightly more unusual accommodation that I discovered in the last year.

  • Appalachian micro-chalets

  • At the top of the list since it was my favorite of the last year. Located in Ste-Lucie de Beauregard, it’s a place I had never been to. We were lucky enough to spend a weekend there in March, but I would be really curious to return there in the middle of summer to enjoy the water activities nearby.I loved that the layout of the micro-chalets resembled a small village.

    I was also really impressed by the comfort of the place, so I think it's really a good option for a family who wants to get out of the house without needing too much equipment.

    The big pluses: dogs are accepted and even welcome, there is a long leash and two bowls in each accommodation.

    The Appalachian Park 5 minutes from the place, superb hiking trails, we did Mount Sugar Loaf which is a relatively short hike and therefore accessible to everyone and when the weather permits it gives you a view of United States.

    Le Bistreau d'érable, a sugar shack 5 minutes from the micro-chalets, we tasted their products with a sweet brunch on Sunday morning and everything was delicious.

  • Maelstrom Mountain

  • I had the chance to spend a weekend in the chalet la Cache at the end of March and despite the difficulty in getting there, because we arrived in the dark (read here a little visit to the ditch), the view the next day when you wake up was worth it. I therefore recommend analyzing the map carefully before going there and if you go there in winter, if possible to get there by SUV.

    The big pluses:

    In my opinion, Maelstrom Mountain has something for all tastes and budgets, whether you are looking for a more rustic weekend in the “cozy” accommodations they offer or whether you are looking to spoil yourself in the different “miradors”, there is really something to escape from the city, but this is close to Quebec.

    The mountain location provides access to a multitude of activities, regardless of the season (mountain biking on the Moulin trails, running and hiking trails, Le Relais ski center, snowshoeing, skating on Lac Beauport, climbing at Délire Lac Beauport, Sibéria Spa)

  • Beech center

  • Last December, we had the chance to test the domes experience at the Center de l'hêtre, also located near Quebec City, it was perfect for a little weekend getaway . They also offer yurts and shelters.

    The big pluses:

    I loved the very rejuvenating effect of the place, you really feel like you’re in nature. It is also possible to go hiking from the site. Just like the Maelstrom (the two are quite close) there are a ton of activities. The Center also offers certain activities such as yoga, massage therapy, access to the lake for canoeing or paddle boarding during the summer, etc.

    I loved the comfort of the domes and the atmosphere in the evening with the little lights. The magical decor really allows you to relax.

  • The Red Oak Station  

  • Last fall, during a visit to Estrie we tested the “Pods” of the Station du oak rouge. They have different accommodation offers including ready-to-camp, camping and even transparent bubbles to enjoy the starry sky! For cycling enthusiasts, there is a superb cycle path nearby. If you are planning a getaway to the Eastern Townships, I highly recommend the place.

    The big pluses:

    Dogs are allowed in some of the accommodations. Another place where I might return during the summer season to take advantage of the facilities, although since we were there during their last open weekend before the winter season, we were able to enjoy the calm of the place and the beautiful colors .

  • Lac des 31 Miles - Canoe-camping
  • The neighbor of the Poisson Blanc regional park which for its part no longer needs an introduction, I think. Have you been trying to go canoe-camping in the Poisson Blanc regional park for a while, but without success given the popularity of the place? We had the chance last September to test both places and so I wanted to share with you today the lesser known of the two which is located in Outaouais.

    There are 30 campsites in the raw state, reservations are made via the Environmental Planning and Management Company (SAGE) of Trente-et-Un-Milles. On the other hand, they don't take care of boats so either you have your own boat, or you can rent different boats from Carpe Diem Aventures (which also offer very cool unusual experiences) or from the Majopial village. It depends on where your island is and how far you want to travel to get there. In any case, the staff at both places are super friendly and will be able to guide you.

    The big pluses:

    Camping on a wild island, on a magnificent lake full of places to discover. You will have miles of exploration. Plus, camping itself is really inexpensive.

    A desert island for you and your friends, in my case it was sure that I was won over.

  • The Baie des Rochers municipal park

  • I was passing through Charlevoix, more particularly in the Saint-Siméon area a few weeks ago and we went to do the Anse de Sable Trail in the Baie-des municipal park -Rocks.I was surprised after crossing a tiny village to see so many people, whereas the old woman I had not met anyone for 16 kilometers on the Orignac trail, but the beauty of the place once again explains the growing popularity .

    The big pluses:

    Charlevoix never ceases to dazzle me, but in this case the color of the water, the landscapes and camping directly on the beach really have it all.

    No reservation is necessary, you will feel completely in nature. The distance to get to the beach where people camp is quite short so for a first independent experience it is really accessible to everyone in my opinion. Don't forget to bring a trash bag so you don't leave any traces behind.

  • Portneuf Wildlife Reserve

  • SÉPAQ seems to have grown greatly in popularity since the start of the pandemic. Personally, I think it's a good thing if people spend more time in nature, especially if it raises their awareness of the environment, but for those who would like to get off the beaten track, I invite you to discover the reserves wildlife before the most popular national parks.

    We discovered this reserve by chance while wanting to take advantage of our SÉPAQ card privilege of free camping during the week. Fishing enthusiasts, this place will have everything to please you. For our part, we were charmed by the tranquility, the numerous lakes (150 lakes and 11 rivers scattered throughout the reserve) and the holy peace (besides the flies) that the reserve offered.

  • Controlled Exploitation Zones (ZECS) (more particularly the Zec des Martres)  

  • And no, I'm not going to tell you about the popular Mount of Morios. Even if the Zec des Martres is the only Zec that I have had the chance to explore for the moment, I tended to go to the Grands-Jardins park. In fact, just a few kilometers further we enter the Zec des Martres where we find the Mont du Dôme, the Mont du Four, Lac à l'appelle, etc.

    The big pluses:

    In addition to the importance of respecting nature and the environment, you have the possibility of pitching your tent in many different places, without reservation, you only have to pay your access fee to the reception (at km 26.8 of route 381).

    By pitching your tent on the Zec territory, you will be able to explore more trails and enjoy them more.

    I had to stop here, but Quebec is honestly full of gems, whether they are little-known campsites or unusual accommodations in the wilderness, there are quite a few left for me to discover. By the way, the next ones on my list are:

    • Lao Cabins
    • Momentôm Refuges Nature
    • Zec du Lac au sable

    I hope I have introduced you to places and that you will have the opportunity to experience some adventures this summer.

    Don't hesitate to share your own favorites with me or to write to me if you have any questions.


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