Petit Montagnard


I invite you here to read the adventure of my life.


To begin with, I am from Sherbrooke, in the Eastern Townships. I am the second oldest in a family of 7 children. Yes yes from the same parents! Very active, dynamic parents with a strong entrepreneurial profile. And as they say: The apple never falls far from the tree. Since we were very young, we have been traveling as a family, doing several sports, making music and making art. My parents always wanted us to touch everything. So I became very versatile and my creative side arose very quickly. 

I played Volleyball during my younger years and I really fell in love with the outdoors from CEGEP. Go on an adventure; Camping, Hiking, Running, Climbing and Road Trip have been part of my life for a long time. I would say that the freedom to be in nature, this feeling of letting go and living plays in favor of this love at first sight with the outdoors. 

Since I was young, I have always been passionate about restaurants and hotels. 4 years ago my parents bought an Auberge in North Hatley, (a little paradise in Estrie), it is called Auberge la chocolatière. So I realized one of my dreams at this time.

Yes, I am a HOST HOST haha!

Working as a family is a BIG challenge, but we are all happy to be together. (This part might be worth writing another part of the story). 


I have always been a very instinctive person. I don't like to force myself, I like to let things go and see the positive in all situations. 1 year and a half ago, me & my boyfriend went to western Canada for 2 months to do heavy skiing and I got pregnant with Leonardo. It's not
not something that I had planned, but I'm not the type to be organized, I really like to let things go. This is news that really made us happy at that time & even more so since it's been a part of our life !!

Being a mother, however, did not change my deep desire for adventure. I have a seething in me that asks only to go on an adventure. I will not hide from you that with a young child it is less obvious. Less easy to leave on a whim as I did before. I had to adapt my outings and my level of planning. I make sure I am more prepared and have everything I need on hand. With a child, you never know what you'll need! On the other hand, I find it extremely gratifying to be able to share my expeditions with my child and / or my boyfriend.

As I mentioned to you earlier, I have always been a designer at heart and I really enjoy working haha. So during my pregnancy and maternity leave, even though caring for a child is a project in itself, something was missing. I already owned my little Green for the Road bar soap company, but something was missing. In my spare time I used to sew and love the concept of "start up". So I decided to combine these two interests.

My goal was to offer a brand that represented me & my hobbies. I wanted to offer clothing for travel, camping, the outdoors and hiking for adults but especially for children. Clothes which are beautiful, which are above all very comfortable. Dhe quality products, totally Quebecois, that people would be able to use everywhere. I am passionate about this project and I like to invest myself in it and especially I like to see you tripping as much as I do!

From there, was born, Petit Montagnard.


I would like Petit Montagnard to be more than just a clothing company. My ideal is that Petit Montagnard should also be a large community. One of my goals is to bring out the mountain dweller in you, to get you out of your comfort zone, even with your little ones!

What I want for my business is for Petit Montagnard to become a community of people passionate about the outdoors, at all levels. I would like one day to offer you EVENTS to introduce your little mountain dwellers to sports, camping, the outdoors, etc.

That all together; father, mother, children, the whole family, come together as a group, advise and help each other. I intend to use the spinoffs from my business to build this community, with you, because in the end I would like to offer more than clothes, a feeling of belonging.

Thank you for following me on this adventure and for being part of the Petit Montagnard community!


Eve Lussier-Roy